New SVN checkout/build script?

Foxy foxy at
Fri Nov 4 15:26:05 CET 2005

Brian J. Tarricone wrote:

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>Foxy wrote:
>>Hi, the script is great, but how to make the whole thing work? It 
>>installed everything to /opt and I made a .desktop file pointing there, 
>>but it cannot launch the session. Should I have /opt in the path or 
>If you read the output after the script executes, you'd know that you
>can run $prefix/bin/xfce4-svn-start to start the session.  To add this
>to whatever display manager you're using, you might want to consult your
>display manager's docs.  The xfce4-svn-start script will set up the
>environment properly for you; as long as you call the script by its full
>pathname from the display manager's session file, it should Just Work.
>	-brian
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thanks a lot, I completely forgot about start script (was installing it 
at 2am in the morning).

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