Xfce.org main website [was Re: Xfce Goodies Project enhancements]

Biju Chacko botsie at xfce.org
Fri Nov 4 05:20:23 CET 2005

Auke Kok wrote:
>>Yeah.  I think part of the problem is that everyone has their own
>>theming system (sometimes by choice, sometimes not) - xfce.org,
>>bugzilla.xfce.org, blog.xfce.org to name a few.  And the way to achieve
>>the look is different as well - xfce.org and blog.xfce.org use tables
>>for the top banner, but when I ported the theme to Bugzilla's format, I
>>used CSS-positioned <div>s instead.  If we have one canonical set of
>>theme header/footer files (or whatever), it would be easier to keep all
>>the different sites with the same look.  I prefer CSS, but whatever
> FWIW I propose that there sits a master CSS file atop www.xfce.org and 
> all other sites use that one to get their style setup - this would 
> result in the ultimate homogenous layout and prove very fast and 
> flexible - it's mirrored across 3 sites!
> I'm no big fan of tables myself but my divs tend to position where I 
> don't want them ;^). I guess I have to learn a bit more on that....

I can arm-twist a professional graphic designer into designing a new 
layout for us for free (she's my sister ;-)). If it looks good, we can 
get a css-guru to create a master CSS for us to use.

-- b

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