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Tue Nov 1 22:31:00 CET 2005

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On 11/1/2005 3:24 AM, Olivier Fourdan wrote:

> But although the issue seems to be new to you, it's been there since for
> months, since version 7xxx fir came out in march 2005.

Strange, as I was running nvidia with renderaccel and xfwm4+composite
for several weeks without problems.  The problem only appeared when I
updated xfwm4 a couple days ago, and I didn't update anything else (I'd
been using 1.0-7676 ever since I swapped in my new video card several
weeks ago).  Again, not saying that that definitively points to xfwm4
being the problem; it's just weird.

Ah well.  I was reading on the wiki that it looks like
6.9/7.0 *won't* have an exa-enabled 'nv' driver, though there's a
(partial) patch available.  Sucks.

> I also found that several people have reported similar freezes with
> various applications, not just xfwm4.

Not sure if you've read it, but I did a bit of poking around on the
nvnews forums when you posted links yesterday - do you think this
problem is related to the "Xid" error message problem in some of those
reports?  They symptoms I see appear to be the same, though I don't have
the "Xid" error message in my logs.  Anyway, getting a bit OT here.


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