libexo, Paths on amd64

Benedikt Meurer benny at
Tue Nov 1 21:18:59 CET 2005

Mark Trompell wrote:
> Hi, is there a reason for installing, pyexo.pyc and pyexo.pyo
> into /usr/lib/ instead of /usr/lib64/?
> I use a conary ( Linux Distribution and
> conary prevents packages from installing into /usr/lib and/usr/lib64 at
> the same time (it even prevents me from building such packages).
> Just for illustration of my problem I add the output from conary.
> So if there is no reason for using /usr/lib/ on x86_64 it would be nice
> if you can change the paths for 0.4.

I dunno why people prefer to complicate things using lib64 AND lib, 
rather than using a simple compat directory for 32bit binary 
compatibility. But whatever...

Here's what libexo does: It uses AM_PATH_PYTHON() from the automake 
package to determine the various python dirs (check the automake source 
and/or docs for details). Then it installs the file to the 
$(pythondir) and the and files to 
$(pyexecdir)/exo-0.3/ to be able to install various major versions 
side-by-side (this is somewhat the suggested way).

So, your python installation reports both lib and lib64 dirs for 
whatever reason (check AM_PATH_PYTHON).

> Best regards Mark

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