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Xfce Foundation Classes
XFC 4.3.1 - development release

The Xfce Foundation Classes is a set of integrated C++ classes for 
developing Xfce applications on UNIX-like operating systems such as 
Linux. The classes combine the power of GTK+ and the power of C++ into a 
state-of-the-art application development framework for the Xfce Desktop 
Environment. The classes judiciously use C++ language features to avoid 
layering on too much extra C++ complexity. The API is easy to understand 
and use, and should feel immediately familiar to most GTK+ programmers. 
The Xfce Foundation Classes is part of the Xfce project, and like Xfce 
it's lightweight, fast and easy to use. Currently there are three 
modules, the core object system and utility library (libXFCcore), the 
user interface library (libXFCui) and the Glade XML parser library 
Minimum Dependancies

- gcc-3.3.2 C++ compiler
- glib-2.6.0
- gthread-2.6.0
- atk-1.9.0
- gtk+-2.6.0
- pango-1.8.0
- pkg-config-0.14
- libsigc++-2.0.6
- libglade-2.4.0 (optional)
- doxygen 1.3.2 or higher (optional for documentation)

Enhancements from 4.3.0

- Changed minumum required GTK+ version to 2.6.0.
- Added libXFCglade, a C++ binding for libglade which allows you to use 
a Glade generated interface in a XFC application.
- Added four example applications that use libXFCglade. 
- For convenience, added a Gtk::Window pointer argument to 
Xfc::Main::run() that automatically connects up the window's "destroy" 
signal and shows the window on the screen.
- Added overloaded convenience functions to Gdk::Color: red(), green(), 
and blue(), that can either return or set the current color component 
value as a fraction.
- Added overloaded G::build_filename() and G::build_path() namespace 
- Added new function, Gtk::TreeSortable::reset_default_sort_func(), to 
reset the default sort function to the unsorted state.


- Added missing 'extern char **environ' declaration (Daichi).
- Added missing include for <unistd.h> if G_OS_UNIX is defined (Daichi).
- Added a fix for a GCC compiler error for versions prior to 3.4.0.
- Fixed a design flaw in the implementation of the XFC signal handling 
chain that prevented the loading and usage of Glade widgets.
- Fixed the size_request_proxy() and size_allocate_proxy callback 
functions which were broken when the implementation of Gdk::Rectangle 
was changed.
- Added a new constructor to Gtk::Allocation that takes a reference to a 
GtkAllocation object
- Fixed G::MainContext constructor that takes a GMainContext pointer as 
one of its argument. A typo caused this argument to be ignored.
- Fixed signature for TreeSortable::CompareSlot.


The XFC Development Team.

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