Question about bug #871

Marcel Pol marcel.pol at
Mon May 30 16:27:48 CEST 2005

I have a question about this bug:

It's about xfprint 4.2.1 and the cups-plugin, where xfprint gives:
** ERROR **: Unable to load printing system module

The fix would be to change the and files for
both xfprint4 and xfprint-manager, which need -Wl,-E added to the
LDFlags so they export their symbols to the plugin.
That was exactly what I did, and the xfprint4 works now, but the
xfprint-manager still breaks in the same way.
I'd like to backport the fix for Mandriva 10.2, which has the broken
xfprint-4.2.1. I'd rather have a complete fix/backport then update to
4.2.2, since that's less risky.
So my question is, what's missing from the fix mentioned in the bugreport?

Marcel Pol

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