Xffm usability change

Edscott Wilson Garcia edscott at xfce.org
Mon May 23 03:50:44 CEST 2005

El dom, 22-05-2005 a las 14:17 -0400, Erik Harrison escribió:
> Hey, Edscott. I just lost a lot of work due to an unexpected way Xffm
> handles some things.
> When I double click a folder in a tree view, the folder becomes the
> root, and is selected. I've run into trouble in the past where I've
> control clicked on a few items to move them, and gotten a "Can't move
> /dir into a subdirectory of itself". I've slowly gotten used to
> clicking to deselect the root to avoid this problem.
> Today, I forgot, and when I wanted to just delete a few files from a
> folder, I deleted the entire folder instead. In this case of course, I
> recieved no warning.

The reason why it remains selected is to enable continued keyboard
navigation when you press return key on moving down to a folder with the
cursor keys. 

> If you could change the behavriour of double clicking a folder to not
> select that folder, I would be very happy.

No problem with not selecting root when "goto" comes from mouse
double-click and selecting root item when "goto" comes from a <return>
from the keyboard. 

But what course should be taken when the "goto" is product of:
- pressing the "goto" toolbar-button?
- pressing the "goto" menuitem?
- pressing CTRL-DOWN from keyboard?

Different behaviours might be confusing...

Maybe the root element should be selected afterwards if the user presses
a cursor key and nothing is currently selected. That might make more


Edscott Wilson Garcia <edscott at xfce.org>

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