testing needed: xfce4-mailwatch-plugin

Bernhard Walle bernhard.walle at gmx.de
Fri May 6 20:01:22 CEST 2005

* Brian J. Tarricone [06.05.2005 19:27]:
> Bernhard Walle wrote:
>>>* Brian J. Tarricone [03.05.2005 10:44]:
>>>>Anyway, if people could start testing it, that would be great.  Please
>>>>file bugs and feature requests at http://bugzilla.xfce.org/ ('Xfce Panel
>>>>Plugins' product, 'mailwatch' component).  You can get it from Xfce SVN
>>>>like so:
>>>I get an compile error:
>>>mailwatch-mailbox-imap.c:98: error: parse error before "_GCRY_PTH_SOCKADDR
>>>Which gcrypt version do I need? I have 1.2.0 installed.
> 1.2.3 is what I have, but I originally built it against 1.2.0, and it
> was fine.  Could you check /usr/include/gcrypt.h?  There should be a
> section that looks like this:
> #ifdef _WIN32
> #define _GCRY_PTH_FD_SET    void
> #define _GCRY_PTH_SOCKADDR  void
> #define _GCRY_PTH_SOCKLEN_T int
> #define _GCRY_PTH_MSGHDR    void
> #else
> #define _GCRY_PTH_FD_SET    fd_set
> #define _GCRY_PTH_SOCKADDR  struct sockaddr
> #define _GCRY_PTH_SOCKLEN_T socklen_t
> #define _GCRY_PTH_MSGHDR    struct msghdr
> #endif

Very strange, no such section.

> Or at least, grep for _GCRY_PTH_SOCKADDR.  If it's missing...  I dunno.
>  I added a conditional define to the top of the file to define it if
> it's missing.  The whole reason the cast is there on that line is
> because gcc was throwing a warning about it.  Annoying.

Thanks. It compiles now.

Small bug: po/ChangeLog is missing, "make dist" doesn't work.



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