easy_click resize modification (patch incl.)

Tim Smith tim at desert.net
Thu May 5 01:46:02 CEST 2005

Hello, again.  I didn't receive any replies to this message.  How can I
submit this patch to be included in xfwm4?  May someone please point me
to the right place to ask this question?

For convenience, here's my previous message in full:


On 2005 Apr 19, Tim Smith <tim at desert.net> wrote:
> Hi!  I just made a patch to xfwm4 that changes how Alt+Button3
> (easy_click) works; it now resizes in a single dimension
> (horizontal/vertical) if you're not in the corner of the window.  How
> would I best go about submitting it to the project and getting it into
> the main xfwm4 version?
> I'm attaching the diff to this message.  [...]

Thank you,

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