User interface for the new file manager

jaanus sodi at
Mon Mar 21 10:00:04 CET 2005

Benedikt Meurer wrote:

> Hello everybody,
> As some of you might already know, work was started on an alternative 
> file manager for Xfce 4.4.0, named Thunar. We have been discussing the 
> user interface for Thunar during the last two/three weeks. The result 
> of this discussion is available at (short summary, see the mailinglist 
> archives for details):
> Since we've made good progress on the UI and a decision on the basic 
> UI direction will take place in the not so far future, I wanted to get 
> some more feedback from the other Xfce users, that did not raise their 
> voice on thunar-dev yet.
> Note that we're just discussion the basic UI direction currently (as 
> that's very important to decide before you start to design the 
> architecture of the file manager); so please don't concentrate on 
> implementation details in your comments, but instead, comment on the 
> basic UI direction.
> From the 4 layouts shown on the summary page, only the first two are 
> considered important, because that seems to be the way users want to 
> interact with a file manager, where the second layout is probably used 
> mostly by advanced users or users that have used Windows Explorer or 
> Konqueror before. The first layout is based on the GtkFileChooser 
> design in Gtk 2.4 and above.
> Comments please.
> greets,
> Benedikt
> PS: YES, development on Xffm 4.4 continues. And with Xffm switching to 
> the spatial view (Edscott, correct me if I'm wrong, but I read that in 
> a Wiki comment by you) and Thunar using the navigational view, we'll 
> one file manager that follows the browser paradigm and one file 
> manager that follows the spatial paradigm, so whatever you prefer, 
> Xfce will offer a file manager for you. ;-)
> PPS: Please remember that Thunar's focus is on simplicity and ease of 
> use if you want to suggest another feature.
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I hope "Shortcuts in the sidebar with path buttons" will still have the 
firefox-like ctrl+l funcion (not dialog-like) like it had some time ago. 
Will it?


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