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> El mar, 01-03-2005 a las 11:07 -0800, Brian J. Tarricone escribió:
> > Hi all,
> > 
> > Sorry for the cross-post, but I think this is relevant to both
> > lists, at  least initially.  Feel free to drop one or the other of
> > your reply list  if you feel otherwise.
> > 
> > After participating in discussion as to what Thunar (Xfce's new file
> > 
> > manager, for those of you out of the loop) is going to be like, it 
> > occurs to me that there still may be people that want to use a file 
> > manager (maybe ours, maybe not), and have icons on the desktop (and
> > have  them look Xfce-ish: that is, they may not want to use
> > Nautilus, etc. to  draw their desktop).  It further occurs to me
> > that there may also be  people (possibly including myself, depending
> > on how Thunar turns out)  who don't really want to use a file
> > manager, but who might still want  icons on their desktop.
> > 
> > So, I'm going to implement desktop icon support in xfdesktop, and 
> > hopefully we'll use some or all of that code for Thunar's 
> > desktop-drawing support (assuming that's still something Thunar is
> > going  to do).  It'll be modular, like the menu, and can be unloaded
> > and  removed completely if you don't want it, so if I hear any
> > complaints  about bloat, I'm going to personally come to your house
> > and call  gtk_widget_destroy(your_computer).  Or I'll send nestu to
> > do it.  The  goal is to mimic Thunar's icon view, so it looks and
> > behaves similarly,  so I'll adapt to that as it evolves.
> > 
> > Any thoughts?
> thunar definitely sounds like a name for a lunar filemanager. I cannot
> help noticing that there is not a single letter in common between
> xfce4 and thunar. maybe the "loop" you refer to is composed more of
> lunar crowd than xfce?
> Anyways, until Olivier announces the lunarization of xfce, the project
> is still xfce. Unless hijacked, AFAIK, this is his project. 
> I suppose not all Europeans think highly of Napoleon (some being at
> the wrong end of the cannon) but a centralized command does have
> strong points. 

Now, first of all, take it easy. Nobody _at all_ has been questioning
Olivier's position as a project leader.

Secondly, the project's name has been chosen by Benny, who, as you may
know, is not related in whatsoever way to the Lunar Linux project.

What I want to make absolutely clear, and I think I speak for every
developer on the Xfce team that is involved with Lunar Linux as well, is
that our goals and intentions are never going to stay in the way of
either project's progress.

Until now we all thought somebody would've spoken to you about the
approach of replacing xffm for the upcoming release .. since that
doesn't seem to have happened yet I really think you should get a clue
about what we're really up to instead of going on to sightlessly judging
thunar and it's ideas by just it's name and a few vague guesses.

So I urge you to take your time and read up on the latest development
concerning the new filemanager at http://thunar.xfce.org

I'm sorry this has reached you in this rather unfortunate way.


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