[PATCH] Xffm intltoolized

Daichi Kawahata daichi.k at aioros.ocn.ne.jp
Tue Mar 1 11:11:22 CET 2005


The following is the way to revert.

    o Applying patch (additional languages here)

    o Locating attached desktop files into po directory

      Former desktop files have syntax error and extra trailing
      space, I've fixed that and modified comment in Xfglob,
      Xfmime_edit, xfce-filemanager-settings to avoid translation
      conflict. Strings used in the user-interface and tooltip etc.
      should be distinguished in my opinion. I want you to
      re-modified those comment if possible.

    o Locating attached .desktop.in files into each directories

      Also, I've modified.

    o Regenerating aux. files with autogen.sh, running configure
      script ordinary

    o Revert the translation in the po directory (order is important)

      1. sh poconv (UTF-8 rules)
      2. sh desktop-revertor (take a while)
      3. make update-po (POTFILE.in doesn't have xxx.desktop.in)
      4. sh potgen (newly POTFILES.in will be generated)
      5. rm -f xffm.pot ; make update-po
      6. remove copied desktop files

Due to comment modifying, some strings tagged with fuzzy, it might
somewhat a problem. Of course, if you had re-modified Comment line
as well as Name and re-generate xffm.pot, that'll be fixed.

Also, obsolete translations (#~ leading lines) at that time will be
discarded when you run desktop-revertor script, without discarding
update-po won't work, I think that's tolerance level though. If you
have a better idea, try that.

PS. Benny, do you think there's needed special version of intltool
under http://xfce.org/archive/tools/ or ahem, I remember that I never
ask, is it ok package intltoolized? I want to know other developer's
(xfce4-terminal, xfce4-appfinder, xfwm4, xfce-mcs-plugins, xfprint,
xfce-utils) opinion also.

Have a happy internationalizing.
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