Notes about 4.4

Erik Harrison erikharrison at
Mon Jun 20 00:37:38 CEST 2005

Jasper, Benny, and I talked some about the upcoming 4.4, and asked me
to sort of compile it into an email to the list.

Thunar should be able to see a stable and feature complete for 1.0
release by December, according to Benny, and we've already seen emails
from Jasper about his concern for getting all planned 4.4 features
done by the august date.

Xffm is undergoing heavy development still as well, and Olivier is
working on some advanced user stuff for Xfwm.

To quote Benny:
so, if we start the feature freeze in late September and don't break
it afterwards , we should be able to do 4.4.0 in December, that'd mean
less than one year since 4.2.0, which is pretty ok IMHO

Jasper and I agree. Not that my vote counts for much ;-). I would
personally add to that with the consideration that we should perhaps
branch at freeze time instead of release time, since over two months I
_know_ some of use are going to itch to do some feature development.

There is some question with what to include with 4.4. Two file
managers? Terminal? Mousepad? Libexo?

Jasper and Benny seem to think that libexo would be handy in the core,
both as Thunar wants it, and it provides some nice features for third
party app developers. I will say that if libexo was included with
Xfce, it would make my life somewhat easier with Mousepad.

As for what else to include in the core release, that got less
settled. Lots of new stuff has cropped up since 4.2, and even in 4.2
there was a lot of question about slimming the release. I have an idea
about that, but I'll put it in another email.

So, question number one is, does that release schedule (feature freeze
at end of September, release around beginning of December) seem
reasonable to everyone considering their personal project goals and
available time to invest?

Second question is, how do we structure that release? 
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