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On 6/9/05, Brian J. Tarricone <bjt23 at cornell.edu> wrote:
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> Olivier FOURDAN wrote:
> > The speed of a window manager doesn't come from its ability to map windows as quickly as possible, but to respond to user (ie resize/move windows).
> I think an important point to note here also is that, when you're
> considering application startup, the WM mapping the window is a tiny
> tiny fraction of the startup time.  Reading the binary from disk,
> loading shared libraries, doing library relocations, then the app doing
> whatever it needs before it shows its first window, etc., etc., etc.
> will take up a huge majority of the time before you see the window
> appear on-screen.
> Now, the setup time decrease a bit when you consider an already-running
> app opening another window, but my gut feeling here (yay for being
> scientific) is that the app creating the window and its children
> probably still takes up the bulk of the time.
> Optimising the WM's mapping speed here is a waste of time: a classic
> case of useles optimisation of a non-critical path; a user wouldn't
> likely notice any difference.  I'd rather have the things Olivier
> describes: intelligent window placement, fast response to resize and
> move, etc.
> So: oh yay, E17 maps windows quickly.  Whoopie-do.

In fact, that was pretty much what Rasterman said

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