Question about bug #871

Marcel Pol marcel.pol at
Mon Jun 6 18:13:03 CEST 2005

Jean-François Wauthy wrote:
> Le lundi 30 mai 2005 à 16:27 +0200, Marcel Pol a écrit :
 >>I have a question about this bug:
>>The fix would be to change the and files for
>>both xfprint4 and xfprint-manager, which need -Wl,-E added to the
>>LDFlags so they export their symbols to the plugin.
>>That was exactly what I did, and the xfprint4 works now, but the
>>xfprint-manager still breaks in the same way.
> i can't explain that since they share the same code to load the plugin

Thanks for your reply.
Sorry for my slow reply :-)

>>I'd like to backport the fix for Mandriva 10.2, which has the broken
>>xfprint-4.2.1. I'd rather have a complete fix/backport then update to
>>4.2.2, since that's less risky.
> i don't get the point, the 4.2.x releases are bugfix releases there is
> no risk in that only more security

Well, the policy is to use the version that was in the stable release of
the distro, and only patch what's needed, and be wary about regressions.
Using a newer version is something for a backports project.
But I'll use xfprint-4.2.2 now, since that's the one I can get working.

>>So my question is, what's missing from the fix mentioned in the bugreport?
> may be you can use -export-dynamic instead of -Wl,-E since it's the
> correct use in LDFLAGS but i doubt it'll fix the problem given the fact
> xfprint4 works with -Wl,-E

I already used the longwritten option.

Marcel Pol

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