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Auke Kok sofar at lunar-linux.org
Thu Jul 7 12:04:14 CEST 2005

Brian J. Tarricone wrote:

>>2. Services
>>I want to setup the new server as secundary DNS and SMTP, this way we 
>>have 2 decent machines, nicely separated, same configuration etc that 
>>can host the 3 zones and user accounts. I'll have to figure out how to 
>>handle user accounts, mailing lists etc. (splitting up all users means 
>>we have to split up the mailinglists, meaning more work, so I'd like all 
>>mail to end up on espresso and keep that the same for now)
>The user account thing sounds somewhat icky to me.  Simple brute-force
>solution is just to mirror all user accounts, and leave it up to each
>user to keep their password etc. in sync if they want to.
>A middle-ground option is writing a bunch of scripts and stuff to do a
>password change via https (or something), and have it propagate to both
>Super-painful totally-not-recommended option is something like LDAP.  Ick.

that's why I won't do none of that. It'll be just the same for everyone 
except that developers with ssh access will need to maintain 2 passwords 
themselves. I think we can live with that ;^)

>>I also wish to give one additional senior Xfce developer root access for 
>>maintaining stuff like svn permissions, user accounts etc. This gives us 
>>the same setup on espresso and will make it easy for everyone to figure 
>>out who can help when a person is on vacation etc. This person needs to 
>>be found and agreed upon by the Xfce (senior) team, and as with 
>>lunar/espresso, this is the least important person with root access 
>>(backup of the backup).
>Yah, I agree with JF.  I wouldn't mind doing this, esp since it's only a
>backup-of-a-backup role.  I'd rather not be too critical, esp on a
>server that's 5000+ miles away.

noted. as with captains on a ship there needs to be some order and if 
everyone knows when they are needed it works (just like it works 
perfectly now on espresso):

                                 espresso    new server        
1. daily operations            - sofar       sofar
2. console work for emergency  - remco       (JF?)
3. backup                      - tchan       (brian?)

basically #3 needs to keep an eye open on what is happening and make 
sure he can either delegate to a new admin or perform the most important 
tasks himself. Terry keeps espresso up2date very well for instance and I 
only check on that less often, since I'm more busy with current tasks. 
#3 can even just inform #1 of pending issues, or act if needed. oh well 
you get the idea.


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