GTK+ target version [WAS Re: new dev branch stuff]

edscott wilson garcia edscott at
Sun Jan 30 18:04:51 CET 2005

El lun, 31-01-2005 a las 02:47 +0000, Jeff Franks escribió:
> edscott wilson garcia wrote:
> >Don't need 2.6 for the iconview. The latest cvs already has small and
> >fast implementation, gtk-2.2 compatible. Also, the treeview within gtk-2
> >is slow and buggy, with tons of extra bloat you cannot get rid of, so
> >for the next release the default will probably the faster iconview.  
> >
> >  
> >
> I downloaded and compiled the CVS module for xffm. I can't seem to find 
> any option to display the icon view you mentioned.

Since this will be a front-end change, you have to execute xfce4-fm
(which is a symlink to xffm) instead of xffm. Otherwise you will just
get the treeview. 

Most of the iconview basics are in place, so you can navigate with
double click (button 1) or single click (button 2). The actual
filemanaging operations like copying and removing are not yet activated,
but will be soon (libraries have to be optimized before doing that).



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