BUG in xfdesktop -menu

Ondrej Mihalyi mihalyi at matfyz.cz
Fri Jan 28 12:56:13 CET 2005

I'm sure you all know of a bug that when you use Keyboard shortcut for desktop menu, which launches xfdesktop -menu, the menu doesn't appear.

I played with this for a while, unfortunately I don't have time to look at the code.  I tried to assign    xterm -e 'xfdesktop -menu'   to Alt+F2 shortcut, and it worked as it should: it opened a terminal window for a short while, then poped desktop menu and closed terminal window.  Then I got the idea, that probably it's in the window, that terminal opens before the menu shows up.  I tried to make a script called xfmenu, which called 'xmessage Hello &' and then immediately 'xfdesktop -menu' and all worked like it should, xmessage showed it's window, then desktop menu poped up.

I only wnated to give you a hint in case you didn't find out already.  I believe now that if any window is opened betweeen the key press and calling xfdesktop -menu, it works.  I hope I helped you locate the bug.


Ondrej Mihályi

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