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Olivier Fourdan fourdan at
Fri Jan 28 07:09:00 CET 2005


XDT_I18N breaks for me:

./configure: line 20969: syntax error near unexpected token `('
./configure: line 20969: `    GETTEXT_PACKAGE=AC_PACKAGE_TARNAME()'

The relevant lines in configure script are:


cat >>confdefs.h <<_ACEOF

    ALL_LINGUAS="ar az be bg ca cs de en_GB es es_MX et eu fa fi fr gu
          hi hu it ja ko lt ms nb_NO nl pa pl pt_BR pt_PT ro ru sk
          sv ta tr uk vi zh_CN zh_TW"


On Wed, 2005-01-26 at 23:27 +0100, Benedikt Meurer wrote:
> Hello devs,
> As forced by Brian and Jasper, I've reorganized the autobuild framework 
> into a single module xfce4-dev-tools, so we can safely remove 
> autogenerated files from CVS now. I did this for libxfce4util and 
> libxfcegui4 already to test if stuff works. If you want to do it for 
> your modules as well, just cvs remove -f all autogenerated files, copy 
> the from libxfce4util over and install xfce4-dev-tools. As 
> you might notice, I've rewrote nearly all macros (BM_DEBUG_SUPPORT is 
> the only missing currently), but for smooth upgrades, the old names are 
> still valid (BM_DEPEND, BM_DEPEND_CHECK, etc.), but I strongly suggest 
> using the new (better) names.
> I'm still experimenting with the xdt-autogen script, so prepare for 
> possible breakage. But I thought its better to have it in CVS already, 
> so people can test it and blame me for bugs. Same goes for M4 macros, 
> tho they should work fine, but no promises.
> Concerning users: Everybody who wants to build Xfce from CVS in the 
> future will need to install xfce4-dev-tools first (and of course the 
> appriorate autotools, gtk-doc, glib, etc.). I bet we'll see all kinds of 
> weird user problems soon, but the majority was for removing the files, 
> and so, thats life...
> I guess thats all for now.
> Happy breakage,
> Benedikt
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