Rhythmbox applet

Corsac corsac at corsac.net
Thu Jan 27 22:06:54 CET 2005

Hello people.

I'm using xfce4 since a long time now, but I've never contributed to it.

But right now, I'm using Rhythmbox to play music on my laptop, and I was 
looking for an xfce applet for it, but it does not exist yet.

So I thought that I could contribute to this great project, and write 
myself a little applet.

I've downloaded the sources of xmms applet for xfce4, and the rhythmbox 
applet for gnome, because I imagine that, actually, my project is a 
child of theses two :)

But the rhythmbox applet uses bonobo to communicate with rhythmbox, and 
I don't know if it's possible to use it under xfce.

If someone knows a little the bonobo system, could you please help me 
for the beginning ?



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