[RELEASE] 4.2.0 tarballs available

Jens Luedicke jens.luedicke at gmail.com
Fri Jan 14 19:03:36 CET 2005

source only mirror:


On Fri, 14 Jan 2005 17:42:32 +0100, Benedikt Meurer
<benedikt.meurer at unix-ag.uni-siegen.de> wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> As you might have seen on distrowatch already (whoever is responsible
> for that: A release happens, when the announcement hits the website!!!),
> the 4.2.0 final tarballs are available for packagers and mirrors (some
> of them already picked up the tarballs). I decided to do both .tar.gz
> and .tar.bz2 this time (like Brian suggested). The .tar.bz2's are
> slightly smaller. All-in-all, the whole release is a bit smaller than
> RC3 due to the removal of the out-dated docs... and last-time default
> theme changes. ;-)
> Olivier, please prepare the RH/Fdr/SRPMs and upload the stuff to
> sourceforge (hide it, I'll un-hide it when 4.2.0 is released) and
> xfce.org, so mirrors can sync them as well.
> For the other packagers: The release time is Sunday ~18:00h (CET), maybe
> earlier, maybe later. Therefore, it would be nice if you could finish
> the binary packages in the meantime and reply with a short notice, so we
> can update the download page (same for the mirrors, tho it would be nice
> if the mirrors could wait until olivier uploaded the RPMs/SRPMs, atleast
> the non-source-only mirrors).
> Brad (I CC'd you with this email, because I wasn't sure if you are
> subscribed to the list), please don't upload new ebuilds too early. At
> best, upload them, so that they become available on sunday evening
> (CET), because else I'm afraid several portage users will repeat
> distrowatch's mistake. Is that possible? It would be perfect! ;-)
> Again (as some people still don't seem to have understand the meaning of
> a Release Date): This is _NOT_ the 4.2.0 Release! These are the tarballs
> for the Release, but the Release happens when the Release Manager says
> its done (which at minimum includes an up-to-date website)! Please don't
> announce 4.2.0 release until you see the "4.2.0 is released!"
> announcement on the mailinglists! This is not funny; we've spent a lot
> of time and effort for 4.2.0, and its really sad to see that some people
> don't respect that.
> greets,
> Benedikt
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