xfprint4 : unlogical configuration

Rob Lahaye roblahaye at home.nl
Wed Jan 12 03:25:26 CET 2005


I find it a bit annoying to have two totally different configuration
dialogs for xfprint4:

1) Xfce Settings Manager -> Printing system
   for selection of printing to 'file' or 'lpr-printer'

2) The xfprint4 dialog
   for doing all other stuff, such as file-selection, pretty-print

For the user's convenience, I suggest to add a file/printer choice
to xfprint4 dialog.
The Printing system in Xfce Settings Manager should then have the
"default" selection (file/printer); and the xfprint4 dialog should
allow you to deviate from this default selection.

I often alternate between printing to file and to printer.
The amount of clicks and dialogs needed in xfce to get everything
set up each time is far too much!


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