Mousepad 0.2.0

Biju Chacko botsie at
Thu Feb 17 08:21:39 CET 2005

Erik Harrison wrote:
> Mousepad 0.2.0 is out.
> What? You thought I was slacking?
> Mousepad is a lightweight text editor for Xfce. It features a simple
> interface,  broad character set support, printing with Xfprint, and
> more. It opens lightening quick, making it perfect for editing config
> files, doing quick scripting, and pretty printing documents like shell
> scripts.
> A screenshot is here:
> Get it at:
> Short list of changes for 0.2.0
>   *A new Slovak translation
>   *A new, more spec compliant config file location
>   *Asynchronous control of xfprint4
>   *A fix for the embarrassingly broken "Replace" dialog
>   *A half a dozen cleanups and bugfixes.
> Have appropriate amounts of fun.

First bug report:

If you hit "Find" or "Replace" menuitems, it segfaults. This is consistent.

After such a crash, it segfaults on startup until you delete 
.config/mousepad. This is inconsistent.

-- b

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