New file manager (WAS Re: xffm)

Auke Kok sofar at
Fri Feb 4 12:00:14 CET 2005

Rob wrote:

>Auke Kok wrote:
>>ROX may be popular, but just doesn't give the feel
>>people are looking for. Most prominently, there are
>>two big missing features that people are *looking*
>>for in Xfce. The 'demand' will be filled with a
>>'supply', no matter how much you want to stop it.
>>Rox fills this gap for some people but somehow it
>>won't make it into Xfce and there are good reasons 
>>fo this.
>To take this as an example:
>I tend to see this as a waste of human resources.
>Those who want to do coding for such software, why
>not join the Rox team and add the 'demands' to Rox.
because we would all be using mozilla then, and not firefox or opera, 
and we would be using minix too, and emacs, and we would be using only 
IBM pc's not clones.

waste of human resources? I'd think the opposite even.


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