What are the objectives for Xfce 4.4?

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Wed Feb 2 18:13:25 CET 2005

El mié, 02-02-2005 a las 00:12 +0100, Benedikt Meurer escribió:

> > 
> > Stat cache?  That seems like more of a job for the C library than a 
> > desktop.  Or perhaps I'm misunderstanding.
> Nope, it would let to very funny (and esp. very unwanted) results if the 
> C library would implement stat() caching.
> I was talking about the file manager, which is mostly interested in 
> file's meta data for several reasons. Meta data is determined using the 
> stat() syscall. But stat calls require inode look ups, and even worse, 
> disk seeks in many cases, which should be avoided at any rate. Therefore 
> the stat results should be cached, so you don't need to stat() everytime 
> you need the meta data (its interesting, how trivial this seems to be at 
> first sight, and then, how difficult to solve it is in real, I haven't 
> found a single file manager that solves this issue 100%ly - hint: symlinks).

You are aware that xffm has a stat cache? Probably not. Several other
caches as well.

Comments on other subjects of this thread:

MIMEtype-application associations. Well, not part of xffm but present in
xfce4-modules and can be called from any program without need for
dynamic or static link. 

nautilus --no-desktop brain-dead? Not really. More careful phrasing is

Objectives for 4.4: 
* No more "I have no time" excuses.
* No more complaining about "we lost 350 euros" when 2 hours of Jasper's
time cost $400 dollars at current oil industry rates.
* Commence work on solving reported reproduceable bugs in no less than
48 hrs. on library or plugin code which may be in use by other modules.
(or step aside).
* Consider that time donated to the xfce project == $$$, and treat
* Do not consider monetary donations significant if they do not reach at
least 1 % of the equivalent amount in time donation.

Oil industry manpower costs (use your own if it suits you better):

$20/hour --> no college degree
$100/hour --> college degree (yes, you have a real job too)
$150/hour --> graduate master's degree.
$200/hour --> graduate PhD degree.

Years of experience also count.


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