WANTED: Maintainer for apps.xfce.org

Benedikt Meurer benedikt.meurer at unix-ag.uni-siegen.de
Wed Feb 2 18:05:58 CET 2005

Hello Xfce users,

Auke (our fearless server admin) suggested to create a website about 
Xfce applications (applications = basicly stuff that isn't in core, but 
related to Xfce). We are now looking for people to maintain this site. 
Currently, I try to maintain a list of apps at


but as you see the site is usually outdated and only very brief (it 
would be nice to include the panel plugins from the goodies project as 
well). The website will be hosted on xfce.org, as apps.xfce.org or 

So, what we need:

  - People to maintain the website, atleast one ;-)
  - A suggestion for a CMS/Wiki, the maintainer(s) are
    free to decide on this.

This is the original thread:

>>> might I suggest something like 'directory.xfce.org' that shows a 
>>> rather static list of Xfce applications and components? Should not 
>>> be that hard to maintain, and can even be wiki based if setup 
>>> separately of the main site. Other alternatives are also possible, 
>>> and the residence on the main site would make it impartial towards 
>>> xfce-goodies/berlioz... we just want to show (as xfce devs) that 
>>> there are many xfce applications out there!
>> Such a page is already available at
>>  http://www.xfce.org/~benny/apps.html
>> which lists the available 3rd party apps. I started this page because 
>> there was a demand for such a list. If anybody wants to maintain this 
>> list instead (probably using directory.xfce.org), that would be very 
>> nice.
> BTW: How about apps.xfce.org, with some small CMS? And people that 
> keep the info up-to-date (screenshots, versions, etc.). Any 
> volunteers? ;-) 

not me! but that was sorta my idea, yes. You'd want an enthusiastic
non-coder who can compile etc to maintain such a site (not too much
work). But it's better than putting it on your public_html since that
suggests that only one person is in control over it (not bad... but he
should be coding instead).

anyway as usual the http stuff is available. Pick a CMS/maintainer and
we're go.


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