New file manager (WAS Re: xffm)

Rob spamrefuse at
Wed Feb 2 03:56:06 CET 2005

Olivier Fourdan wrote:
> Hi Edscott, everybody,
> edscott wilson garcia wrote:
>> So I'd say, "use rox and wait until 4.3.1 to give
>> the xffm iconview a try".
> Ok, I tend to disagree. I don't think xffm should
> become any more complex. I mean, it's already far
> too complex.
> What I'd love to see is a very basic simple icon
> view based file
> manager, to tree view, no plugins, no samba, no
> nothing but simple file
> management.
> Ideally, I think it should be started from scratch,
> and designed from
> the ground up with both user interface and code
> maintainability in mind.
> Create the necessary GTK widgets (only if needed),
> keep the code simple
> and clear, etc.
> I would also love to see others developers take part
> of it - I would
> myself like to help if possible.
> And if you want my point, this should be the only
> strong goal of Xfce
> 4.4. That's why I'd like to see as many devs
> involved as possible. Let's
> put all of our (little) energy in this.
> Cheers,
> Olivier.

Hi Xfce development gurus,

As a long-term user of Xfce (but an outsider when it
comes to development of Xfce), I fear that Xfce is
gradually moving towards a kind of bulkiness that
reminds me of KDE or Gnome style WM.

I expect Xfce to be small and fast.

Xfce should manage my windows and stuff; I don't need
an xf-terminal (i've got already xterm, rxvt,...),
I also don't need an editor (I already use nedit),
neither do I need a file manager (I've got rox for
that), and so on and so on.

To some extend such choices have been made for, for
example, the screen-saver; xfce uses xscreensaver,
instead of writing its own. I think that is more the
way to go.

Ah, well, that's my 2cents.


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