Panel Settings Dialog

Biju Chacko botsie at
Sat Dec 17 13:18:19 CET 2005

> That's what makes this so hard. That's why I have the 'edit' mode, which 
> disables normal functionality and allows DND for everything.
> Actions the user may want to perform:
>   - add items
>   - remove items
>   - move items
>   - configure items
>   - add panels
>   - remove panels
>   - configure panels
> Of course the right-click menu has to remain small, the dialog(s) 
> understandable and it must be easy to find out how to do something. As 
> you can tell from the many attempts, I don't really know how.
> Matters are complicated by the fact that we have multiple panels and 
> that plugins will generally be out-of-process.
> I'm still trying out different ideas, but I will have to make a 
> decission fairly soon now, I guess, to have a chance to stabilize things.

I suggest you study what other panels do. gnome-panel has a "move" 
context-menu item, for example.

-- b

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