Issue with the Sun's C Compiler `cc'

Thomas Lecomte deather.dede at
Mon Dec 5 17:41:14 CET 2005


Thanks for your answer. As I'm not very familiar with the XFce's
source code, I'll provide you the errors I got from Sun CC.
For the Sun boxes, SourceForge ships some Solaris 9 boxes under his
Compile Farm project, but I don't know if XFce will be able to get
compiled on them due to dependancies.
If it's needed, I might provide you an access to my own computer. Send
me personally an email if you want this :)

Here is an error I got when compiling xfdesktop:
"about_dialog.c", line 39: syntax error before or at: {
"about_dialog.c", line 39: undefined symbol: xfce_builtin_license_GPL
"about_dialog.c", line 39: cannot recover from previous errors
cc: acomp failed for about_dialog.c

The version i'm trying to compile is
If any other information is needed, feel free to ask me.

On 12/5/05, Brian J. Tarricone <bjt23 at> wrote:
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> Thomas Lecomte wrote:
> > Greetings,
> > I'm trying to get XFce 4.2 compiled on Sun Solaris 10, with the Sun's
> > C Compiler.
> > However, it seems that you use GCC-specific stuff in your source code.
> > For example, the compiler refuses to handle this correctly:
> > extern const char xfce_builtin_license_##name[];
> >
> > It would be nice if you could use a more universal way to manage the
> > licensing stuff, because I'm forced to use GCC for some modules, which
> > is not as fast as the Sun CC. :-)
> >
> > If you are ok to modify the way you handle licensing stuff, I'll be
> > proud to help you and to test it.
> Most of us use gcc to compile Xfce, and I'm not sure that any of us has
> regular access to a Sun box, so sometimes it's very hard to avoid
> letting gcc-isms creep into Xfce's code.  Sometimes they're not even
> gcc-isms; sometimes the problem is that Sun's compiler supports only
> older versions of the C spec.  So unfortunately we often have to rely on
> others who have access to a Sun box to submit patches.
> In this specific case, I believe the problem is that Sun's macro
> preprocessor is a piece of crap.
> So you have two options:  fix it yourself and send patches, or at least
> provide full error messages so someone else has even the slightest
> chance of fixing it.
> My memory feels like this particular issue has come up before, so it's
> possible there's already a fix in SVN.  You didn't mention what version
> you're compiling, so there might even be a fix in a released version.
>         -brian
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