[Xfce4-commits] r17207 - libxfcegui4/trunk/libxfcegui4

Jeff Franks jcfranks at tpg.com.au
Wed Aug 31 12:44:01 CEST 2005

Benedikt Meurer wrote:

>Jeff Franks wrote:
>>>>With all the talk of deprecation what about considering Xfce 5.0 rather 
>>>>than 4.4. It would give us the opportuniy to clean out the Xfce4 source 
>>>>tree by removing unnecessary widgets and code, without Xfce4 ABI/API 
>>>>breakage. We could reduce the number of SVN modules and hence 
>>>>distributable packages as well. These are things that have all been 
>>>>mentioned before over the past few months but not seriously considered. 
>>>>With such a long Xfce release cycle... maybe there's no time like the 
>>>We lack manpower here. My feeling is that with all the good stuff that
>>>will come with 4.4 (python bindings, C++ bindings, Perl bindings,
>>>libexo, new panel, new xffm, Thunar, ...) we'll see more people joining
>>>Xfce and so we could probably break after 4.4.
>>I'm always available to help with some of the C grunge work.
>Well, somebody would need to maintain the 4.2 sources for atleast 1/2-1
>year, until 5.0 is stabilized.
It would be hard for me to maintain code I didn't write and are 
unfamiliar with, without going through it one line at a time... which 
doesn't sound like much fun. And of course, those who currently write 
and maintian the code would have to continue to do so.

As a starting point what I envisage I could do... is say... work on the 
libraries. You, Brian and concerned others could look at libxfce4mcs, 
libxfce4util and libxfcegui4 and make up a list of TODO's, such as code 
to remove, change or fix. I could then work on all the TODO's... like a 
slave. The Xfce5 SVN could be started off with something like a 
xfce5libs module that has libxfce5mcs, libxfce5utils and libxfce5gui 
submodules, each with its own configure.ac file etc. Once that was 
working we could see what needed to be done next... perhaps setting up 
other xfce5 modules like xfce5base, xfce5core or some other name, and 
later maybe modules like xfce5apps, xfce5goodies etc. And possibly 
assist removing old code from xfce4 apps to get them to compile on 
xfce5. You, Brian and concerned others could make all the decisions, I 
could work on implementing them.


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