deprecated stuff

Jeff Franks jcfranks at
Wed Aug 31 04:33:05 CEST 2005

Brian J. Tarricone wrote:

>For starters, I deprecated XfceFileChooser and XfceColorButton in
>libxfcegui4.  Apps that use them, and have --enable-debug=full, will
>fail to compile.  Use GtkFileChooser and GtkColorButton directly.  Since
>the APIs are identical, this should update your source files:
>sed -i -e 's/XfceFileChooser/GtkFileChooser/g; \
>           s/xfce_file_chooser/gtk_file_chooser/g; \
>           s/XfceFileFilter/GtkFileFilter/g; \
>           s/XfceColorButton/GtkColorButton/g; \
>           s/xfce_color_button/gtk_color_button/g;' foo.c
>Back up your file first, of course ^_~.
>I'm planning on deprecating XfceIconTheme as well, in favor of
>GtkIconTheme.  After that, I'm going to update and extend the
>xfce_themed_icon_*() wrappers in libxfcegui4/icons.[ch] to provide some
>more functionality and fix some of GtkIconTheme's shortcomings.  Please
>don't use GtkIconTheme directly; I'd like the icon theming to be
>consistent across applications.
What about deprecating XfceDecorButton, no Xfce4 source uses this widget.

I was also looking at XfceDecorToggle. It seems it just draws an arrow 
image that can reflect a toggled state . The only widget that uses it is 
XfceToggleButton, which is a toggle button that just displays an arrow. 
What about either putting the source for XfceDecorToggle into 
XfceTogglebutton, or renaming XfceDecorToggle XfceArrowToggle, or not 
installing xfce_decortoggle.h and make it a private header.


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