Brainstorming for the manager project name!

Jannis Pohlmann info at
Tue Aug 16 16:46:30 CEST 2005

>> [snip]
>>Here's a few suggestions that sprung up from Jannis' ideas. They don't
>>adhere to the rule "They all have to with the origin of hurricanes",
>>but I find them nice names and perhaps suitable for the mix. Weren't
>>we supposed to be brainstorming here anyway? ;)
>>Here we go:
>> - Aurora
>> - Corona
>>Aurora is my definite favourite. The astronomic term for northern
>>lights. Means 'the dawn' in French (and Latin I think) as well.
>>A Corona is the "halo" that surrounds a star. It could be seen as
>>something that surrounds Xfce and extends and spreads it (at least if
>>tried really hard;). Unfortunately it's also a beer label, which
>>makes this one a bit less appealing (good beer though).
>>A quick (stress on the word quick) search on Google came with no results
>>that'd conflict with use of any of these names names in the proposed
>>Yeah, I need better things to do. ;)
> Hey, I really like "Aurora".

But, well, there's and,
and probably some more. I don't know to which extend they could force us
to use a different name.

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