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Nicolas Masse schrieb:

>On Mon, 15 Aug 2005 12:15:49 -0700
>"Brian J. Tarricone" <bjt23 at> wrote:
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>>Benedikt Meurer wrote:
>>>Jannis Pohlmann wrote:
>>>>Option B)
>>>> A "real" goodies manager for listing/downloading/installing goodies
>>>> from source.
>>I haven't finished reading the entire thread, so this may be menioned
>>elsewhere, but in my mind, this isn't enough.  There needs to be a
>>mechanism to download and install precompiled packages (whether they're
>>.debs, RPMs, Solaris pkgs, etc.).  It seems to me that the whole point
>>of this goodies manager is to make it easier on newbies and "average
>>joes" to learn about other available packages and install them easily.
>>We can't assume they have a full set of compiler tools and the
>>appropriate -devel packages installed.
>>This can, of course, be done in steps.  Implement the build-from-source
>>option only, but design the ability to list and install binary packages
>>into the XML format, something like this:
>><binary-pkg os='linux' sub-os='fedora'
>>      os-ver='4'></binary-pkg>
>><binary-pkg os='solaris'
>>      os-ver='9'></binary-pkg>
Jannis and I already talked about this and it is a must, to design the 
"Installer" (no name yet ;-) ), so that it can handle _not_ only one 
method for installing applications (./configure && make && make 
install), because what should we do then, if its a python application ?

And I like the idea, to think about various types of installing for one 

>Benedikt speak also about a way to register each goodie in the local package management systems. When it can be nice, I hope you also tought to the fact that if the user use then his local package management system to remove this goodie, the installer must also be able to see that this one was removed. (In fact I'm not a fan of distro-based packages managment systems, at least for desktops) I think the best is to keep a trace of the files who were installed so that the installer can remove them later.
This will be very tricky and it could be discussed later.
But we won't store the info if installed or not with a bool 
config-entry. ;-)

At first our aim is to create an Installer, that runs out of the box and 
is very portable.
So we try to keep all distro-related stuff out.

Once the Installer works well with installation from source, this stuff 
could be nice features, which are probably needed then.


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