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>   --
>   That's the way we'd prefer. There'd be lots of advantages (goodies
>   remain as sources, downloads are smaller, there's much lower effort in
>   providing goodies to the goodies manager etc.)
Well... if it'd be possible to _avoid_ downloading autoconf/automake
data (especially the configure script) downloads would be even more
light ;) What do You think about a common build system for all the
goodies, without the need for autoconf/automake thing?

Plugin tarballs could have a very simple internal structure (src/,
images/, data/, po/ for example). The manager would check if necessary
dependencies are satisfied, compile and link the sources, compile
translations and install everything to appropriate directories. The
tarball could contain some simple hints for the goodie-manager to tell
it what to do (if the plugin needs some extra things)

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