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Biju Chacko botsie at
Wed Aug 10 08:29:20 CEST 2005

Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
>>Have You (people on the xfce-dev list) ever used a PalmOS ? It has an
>>interface similiar to the idea of only one task a time. It's pretty
>>efficient and really easy to use.
> No, but WinCE/PocketPC has a similar model.  I think it's more one of
> practicality than usability: there just isn't enough room on the screen
> to make 'traditional' window navigation workable.

run the 'Matchbox' WM for this kind of behavior. It gets very annoying, 
very quickly, let me assure you.

>>Simple-as-a-hammer in construction,
>>but I really like it. If we could just create such a desktop
>>envrionment that'd be so easy to use as a Mac or a PalmOS, we'd win
>>many users ;)
> Personally, I don't care so much about winning users.  First and
> foremost, I want to work on and build something that I enjoy using.  I
> really don't see any pressure to take over the desktop world - let GNOME
> and KDE fight that one out...

I'm not really a big believer in the proposition that there is one WM 
that will suit everybody.

-- b

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