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Wit Wilinski wrote:
> On Tue, 09 Aug 2005 11:19:28 -0700
> "Brian J. Tarricone" <bjt23 at> wrote:
>>Mmm, this is how a Mac works, and I don't particularly like it, though I
>>can easily see how many people would.  If someone wants to implement
>>this, at least make it optional ^_~.  Jasper linked to some KDE blog
>>posts on; one of them explains exactly this
>>feature, which the guy implemented in kwin in about 10 lines of code.
>>Kinda cool.
> Well, I haven't ever seen a Mac computer. Does it still have this
> interface in the OS X system?


> There should be a switch in XFCE options, kind of 'Enable
> one-task-a-time mode'.
> I really have no idea how such environment would work&look, but why not
> to experiment? If it'd be good enough, could be enabled by defaut.

Sure, I'm not against experimenting; hence my mention of understanding
why some people might like this workflow.  I was merely saying that I
personally don't like it.

> Really, I'm tired of seeing gazillions of windows on the screen, when I
> really need only one ;)

Then perhaps you shouldn't open gazillions of windows...  or make better
use of virtual desktops.

> Have You (people on the xfce-dev list) ever used a PalmOS ? It has an
> interface similiar to the idea of only one task a time. It's pretty
> efficient and really easy to use.

No, but WinCE/PocketPC has a similar model.  I think it's more one of
practicality than usability: there just isn't enough room on the screen
to make 'traditional' window navigation workable.

> Simple-as-a-hammer in construction,
> but I really like it. If we could just create such a desktop
> envrionment that'd be so easy to use as a Mac or a PalmOS, we'd win
> many users ;)

Personally, I don't care so much about winning users.  First and
foremost, I want to work on and build something that I enjoy using.  I
really don't see any pressure to take over the desktop world - let GNOME
and KDE fight that one out...


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