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Here are some thoughts after reading this article:

First, as the writer suggested, human beings usually can't cope with more than one task a time. So the first thing that could be implemented to make use of this idea, would be threating all application's widows as ONE.

Maybe an example will make it clear:

I have 2 programs running: gimp with a few tool windows and a few images open. The second program is a mail agent, with the message list and a mail composer windows open.

What would be great, is some kind of 'intelligent' window switching: pressing alt-tab to switch _applications_ and not windows. So switching from mail program to Gimp would hide all mail windows and bring _all_ gimp's windows to front.

Another things is a modification to the window manager (WM) so that it doesn't bring new windows to front if another window is in focus. It's quite annoying, when you type some text in a different window that you intended to because a new window just popped up and is focused.
>From currently existing window managers, currently Metacity already has it. An important thing is that window that do not get the focus while shown, shouldn't cover currently focused one.

More suggestions will follow ;)

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