Lightweight display manager

Lucas Meneghel Rodrigues lookkas at
Tue Apr 19 17:39:47 CEST 2005

2005/4/19, W. Lichtenberger <w_l at>:
> i'm using wdm (WING Display Manager) on my pI 233 MMX 32MB, mainly because
> this won't do either GNOME or KDE and WDM had none of these as dependency
> in Debian Sarge (3.1beta). It's based mostly on  libx11 and libpam.
> I'm really lacking only 2 things in WDM:
> 1) keyboard navigation
> 2) a more modern user interface (not necessarily)

Interesting. I never heard about wdm. I will give it a try.

However, Pretty UIs are not my main concern. IMHO, the problem is when
we use many different tolkits, memory-wise. If we can keep using only
gtk+ for the UI, since it is shared, we can do more stuff without
increasing memory footprint too much. That's why I try to use gdm (of
course, the libgnome* dependencies could be ripped of to make it

We also have to consider that gtk+ is a modern toolkit, fully
internationalized, with a large base of applications built into it.
And it also does look good ;) Sure it can be optimized, and work is
being done on this.

With Xfce, we have a nice environment, that does most of the
*important* stuff we should expect from a modern desktop, with a
significantly smaller footprint than similar attempts. If we keep
using the same infrastructure for other core components of a desktop
(like the DM), we can have a truly impressive free (as in freedom) OS
with lots of drivers, great unix infrastructure, fully
internationalized with a MUCH smaller footprint than similar

Thank you guys. Let's keep on working to make xfce rocking even more.


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