Lightweight display manager

Lucas Meneghel Rodrigues lookkas at
Sat Apr 16 04:09:31 CEST 2005

First of all, thanks for the answer.

I was not trying to request or demand anything, I just wanted to know
what was discussed previously about making an Xfce DM, the opinions
about the matter, not trying to force people to work in such a project

Yes, I know that there are few developers, and even you have few time
to work on Xfce. And I'm immensely grateful for your work. Really.
Thank you.

I just suggest you all to think twice before making fun at others just
because they don't have the level of expertise/experience needed to
help. This is a really arrogant atittude and it won't help attracting
new developers to the project.

That said, I apologize to the people who answered my original post
nicely for all this fuss I made. Now I will put some huge disclaimers
before my messages like "This message is not intended to be a demand
or a feature request".

Thank you

2005/4/15, Brian J. Tarricone <bjt23 at>:
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> Lucas Meneghel Rodrigues wrote:
> > I was wondering if it's not possible to write a small and fast display
> > manager for Xfce...
> As others have pointed out, writing a display manager is quite
> non-trivial, and has many tricky security implications.
> Having said that, I *would* like to see a lightweight display manager
> for Xfce.  I was thinking about taking GDM, ripping out the themable
> login chooser, and keeping just the simple dialog.  Depending on demand
> and the state of the codebase, I may remove the XDMCP support as well.
> At any rate, I already have my hands full with xfdesktop and xfmedia,
> not to mention my planned rewrite of the mail checker plugin.  So I
> don't see myself getting to this any time soon, probably not in time for
> 4.4.
> Sorry if you feel like you've gotten hit with a bit of hostility; it's
> just we get requests for things like this all the time, and the requests
> far outstrip developer time.  To make matters worse, very few to no new
> people actually step up to do any coding.  So you might say our feature
> request list grows quadratically, while our developer list is either a
> constant or (at best) grows linearly.
> (In no way do I want to belittle the efforts of people who _have_
> submitted patches and detailed bug reports and whatnot - you guys rock!)
>         -brian
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