Kill window command/feature

Joe Crawford joetainment at
Thu Apr 14 03:13:30 CEST 2005

> Yeah, the problem is that this should simply not happen ;-) If there are
> bugs in a program that make it hang, it has some advantages to make this
> really annoying so users complain to the app author and the problem may
> be fixed sooner.
> It used to be present when right-clicking on the close button, but
> Olivier considered it too dangerous an option and removed it.

I would strongly suggest that it be put back somewhere in the system.
As a item that can be added to a panel, or back as a taskbar option,
but with at least two safeguards.

I suggest making the kill option pop up another dialog that says "hold
down ctrl and click yes to confirm". That would eliminate Oliver's
fears. If that still isn't enough, pop up another dialog that says,
"are you really really sure?" or something...

A user who is not comfortable with the command line, or doesn't know
about xkill is going to have no idea how to kill programs such as
this. They aren't going to file a bug report with the apps author,
they are just going to give up, and walk away with a bad impression of
xfce and/or linux in general. (This feature will be appreciated by
seanoned users too, and those who have never heard of xkill.)


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