"Font Rendering" options missing in Debian (testing) version of Xfce4

Javier Acu=?ISO-8859-1?Q?=F1?=a javier.acuna at sixbell.cl
Wed Apr 13 18:15:35 CEST 2005


I'm using Xfce4 on my laptop, and I installed it using the Debian 'testing' repositories. I have the "xfce4-mcs-plugins" package installed.

The fonts don't look good, so I tried to enable anti-aliasing following the advice given at the "Xfce 4 Settings Manager Plugins" (ref:http://www.loculus.nl/xfce/documentation/docs-4.2/xfce-mcs-plugins.html)

Unfortunately, the "Font Rendering" options are missing. does anyone knows if I have to download some more recent version of XFCE4 to get this plugin enabled? 

I really need this option for my laptop to make the fonts look decent. I would like to fix this, since in every other aspect xfce4 kicks ass.

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