put text beside Main menu icon

Joe Crawford joetainment at gmail.com
Sun Apr 10 12:52:32 CEST 2005

> I have no problem with putting some text in the button, but I can't load
> your icon (just sits there trying to connect and eventually times out).

Hmmm, I just tried and it works. Perhaps try again?


It just said "Start" after the icon for one, and Menu after the icon
for another.

> However, assuming you've put the text in the pixmap itself, that's a
> definite no-no, as it makes it impossible to localise it to different
> languages without creating a new button for each language (not the right
> approach, IMO).

Lol... that's exactly what I did, but I just intended it as an
example. You have a good point about keeping the text seperate.

So in that case, don't even change the icon, just put a piece of text
beside it (to its right) by default. (It would be a good option to
allow the user to turn off the text in the menu's options, then people
who liked it the old way can switch back. Kill two birds with one

Does that work?


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