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Joe Crawford joetainment at
Sun Apr 10 09:29:11 CEST 2005

This is the first UI suggestion I have for XFCE. I'm sure I'll have
many more. Here it goes:

I've noticed that the main menu for xfce isn't very obvious. The icon
doesn't make it very clear. (In fact, I've noticed a lot of
distributions using meaningless icons as the main menu button.) I
think a bit of text is needed, as there is no icon that instantly
makes users think main menu. (or perhaps there is and I am unaware of

In gnome the word "Applications" is used, but I think that's too long.
All it really needs to be is "menu" or "start". (Applications however,
would also be better than nothing!)

I know it sounds small and trivial, but little things like this often
make a difference for new users. I myself when didn't notice the main
menu until I'd been using xfce for a while.

I made an example of what a more obvious icon could be, with a couple
options. They look readable even at quite low resolutions.

In order to look good at very low resolutions the main menu button
needs to be wider than it is tall. A natural side effect of left to
right written languages.

If people like this idea, I can polish up the icon and submit it, or
maybe people have some other ideas to make the main menu more obvious.

Thanks for reading! :)


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