Jasper Huijsmans jasper at
Sat Apr 2 09:55:06 CEST 2005

Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
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> Jasper Huijsmans wrote:
>>Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
>>>So, uh... whatever happened to the grand plan of moving Xfce CVS over
>>>to subversion?  Though I'm not sure why (probably boredom), I'm
>>>somewhat itching to get xfmedia CVS over on espresso...
>>Yes, we need to propose a layout for the repository, and agree on it...
>>It's at the top of my TODO list, but somehow I'm really bad at following
>>that list ;-)
> I thought we'd already done that.  I thought the options were to just
> stick everything in the top level, and do the usual branches/tags/trunk
> structure as suggested in the svn book.  Or we can group a few things:
> xfce4-core and xfce4-panel-plugins (but I think someone might have said
> that that causes problems with doing branches or something).  So we have
> something like this:
> xfce4-core/libxfce4gui/trunk
> xfce4-core/libxfce4gui/branches
> xfce4-core/libxfce4gui/tags
> ...
> xfce4-core/xfwm4/trunk
> xfce4-core/xfwm4/branches
> xfce4-core/xfwm4/tags
> ...
> xfce4-panel-plugins/xfce4-pizza-plugin/trunk
> xfce4-panel-plugins/xfce4-pizza-plugin/branches
> xfce4-panel-plugins/xfce4-pizza-plugin/tags
> xfce4-panel-plugins/xfce4-biteme-plugin/trunk
> xfce4-panel-plugins/xfce4-biteme-plugin/branches
> xfce4-panel-plugins/xfce4-biteme-plugin/tags
> ...
> xfmedia/trunk
> xfmedia/branches
> xfmedia/tags
> mousepad/trunk
> mousepad/branches
> mousepad/tags
> xfc/trunk
> xfc/branches
> xfc/tags
> ...
> And so on.  I vote for this, assuming there isn't some hidden gotcha
> that I don't know about because I'm not up on my svn knowledge.

I would love to have this. It's exactly what I had in mind, and no we 
didn't officially agree on anything, because we have no way of doing 
that, except by somebody saying "I'm going to do this, unless there are 

So, are there any objections?

> This all just sounds like another case of talking something to death and
> therefore getting nothing done.  I mean really, we've been talking about
> this for what?  A month?  Can we please pick something with a minimum of
> B.S. involved and just do it?  Being democratic is fine, but only so
> long as someone steps forward, lays out the options, and calls for a
> vote -- in a timely manner.  We either need to do that, or someone
> (Olivier?  Benny, since he has the most experience with svn I believe?)
> should just make an executive decision.


> Sorry if I sound harsh, but I'm in a real pro-active get-shit-done mood.

So, let's get some shit done here ;-)


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