ANNOUNCEMENT: xfweb project

Biju Chacko botsie at
Fri Apr 1 11:35:57 CEST 2005


I just wanted to announce the launching of the xfweb project. xfweb 
seeks to build a web browser that integrates well with the xfce desktop.

The project goals will be:

1) Provide integrated webbrowsing, email, calendar management and p2p 
file sharing in a single lightweight application.

2) Extensibility with plugins written in easy scripting languages.

3) Ease of use as well as a high degree of configurability and 

4) Strict adherence to relevant standards with useful entensions where 

5) Planned toolkit: XFC

6) Planned render engine: khtml.

The core of the new browser will be a high performance language neutral 
scripting engine. All functionality will be implemented as either 
scripts or extension libraries to this scripting engines. Existing 
infrastructure like rendering engines and GUI toolkits will be 
integrated using script engine extensions which wrap around libraries.

The scripting engine will most likely be parrot although I'm also 
evaluating how mono could be used. Initially Perl, Python and Lisp will 
be targeted as supported scripting languages. Lisp, of course will be 
the number one priority as that would open up a huge existing collection 
of Emacs scripts that could be ported to the new browser.

In version 2 we will be adding support for Ruby, PHP, Lua and BF as 
scripting languages.

Please note that xfweb is just an initial working title. Suggestions for 
better names will be welcome.

The xfweb project will be moving to it's own domain shortly. In the 
meanwhile will contain news updates.


-- b

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