things we can do before release

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at
Thu Sep 30 10:54:56 CEST 2004

Hey all,

It would be nice if all devs could check a few things about their package to
prepare for the beta release.

- Is the version number correct? The version for the first beta is going to be
  4.1.90. I think it is best if all modules were updated to this number.

- Does make distcheck work? I found this to be a very useful build target. It
  will try to compile from a tarball generated with make dist and some other
  fancy stuff like building from a separate read-only build tree. Just make 
  sure you set DESTDIR so that for instance the panel plugins don't install 
  over your current installation. Here's what I do for the panel:

  ./configure && DESTDIR=$HOME/tmp make distcheck && make distclean

- Make sure the user doesn't need to build the documentation. I noticed this a
  little while ago, we really don't want to require a functioning docbook and 
  gtk-doc installation.

- I know this is much to ask, but it would be really nice to have up-to-date
  documentation for all modules. Maybe not for the first beta, but at least
  for 4.2.0.

Just a few suggestions.


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