xfwm: support for 2d pagers

Nils Rennebarth Nils.Rennebarth at web.de
Fri Sep 24 21:36:42 CEST 2004

Paramjit Oberoi wrote:
> OK, now that I am more fully awake:
> *  If the mouse has 2 scroll wheels: one scrolls vertically, one
>    horizontally.
> *  Just one wheel scrolls vertically; hotkey+wheel scrolls horizontally
>    (or the other way around, depending on your inclincation).  I guess
>    there can be two config vars - vert_scroll_modifier &
>    horz_scroll_modifier, and one of them would be allowed to be null.
Yes, this is what I meant. And "wrap_layout" would control if scrolling 
ends at the edges or wraps.

To prevent update surprises, we must still scroll left and right when 
the normal, i.e. vertical wheel is turned. As I see no way to check from 
the program if a two wheel mouse is attached, that would require another 
user option, because with a two wheel mouse, the expected behaviour 
would be what you described above.

> PS: All this assumes that the current move to next/prev workspace
> functionality is obsolete, which I am not completely convinced of.
Not necessarily. Arguably "wrap layout" could be overloaded to mean: 
Stop at the first/last workspace. I heard someone saying, he just helds 
down the key for "previous", letting auto-repeat issue an unknown amount 
of keys and be sure to arrive on the first workspace.

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