xffm, libraries and 'interface'

Maarten Boekhold boekhold at emirates.net.ae
Wed Sep 22 17:59:13 CEST 2004

Hi Edscott,

I've started (slowly) in the actual porting of xffm to cygwin, and I 
noticed that the 'libxffm_basic' etc. libraries *do* make 
calls/references into the xffm binary (and potentially other binaries?) 

Do you happen to have a list of those symbols that are 'exported' from 
xffm to these libraries? I need to create a 'def' file that tells the 
libraries at link time where those symbols are, eg.

tree_details = xffm.exe.tree_details

or the link will fail on cygwin.

I'll keep poking myself, but it's hard without being very familiar with 
the source code. The current process consists of trying to link, looking 
at a few 'undefined references', trying to find where those symbols are 
defined, adding to the def file, repeating the whole thing.

Additionally, all those symbols need to be defined as "G_MODULE_EXPORT" 
in the place they are defined. Since the use of gmodule isn't very 
spread in xffm yet, I am instead doing:

#define DLLEXPORT __declspec(dllexport)

and then putting DLLEXPORT in front of the symbol definitions. Can you 
recommend a 'central' place to put this #define?


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