Release Process

BluPhoenyx quazar at
Wed Sep 22 17:27:22 CEST 2004

Just a user' perspective...

Releasing the whole DE everytime may not be the best idea. This is/was the 
problem I have/had with the other big DE's. IMHO, the standard (or basic) 
pieces of the DE should have it's own release cycle and the other support 
applications can then follow as required/capable.

Sure, my perspective is somewhat biased due to slower internet access speeds 
but I'm sure many other users have similar restrictions. This method might 
also require a more aggressive separation of base components but in the end, 
it would make adoption of XFCE4 much easier and installation of the standard 
DE more in-line with the skill level of your average user. Customization and 
addition of other components can/should always be done after the base 
environment is up and running.

Mike T.

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