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Tuukka Mäkinen tukem at
Tue Sep 21 08:34:26 CEST 2004

Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
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> 	-brian

Hi Brian

Yeah, you bring up good points. I know such simple system couldn't be a 
replacement for more powerful system like bugzilla and that there is a 
danger that some people would fill it junk. I just thought that such 
system might be useful in some cases in the side of more powerful 
system. I'm not saying XFce needs such system.

For a minute consider there is some good reason not to use that more 
powerful system. The two alternatives I can see are:
1. Sending bug report directly to some developer in email
2. Sending mail to project mailing list

Both of these have the problem that the bug still have to filed 
somewhere. Now it's just somebody else who has to do it. Or one gets 
told to file the bug into bugzilla. With mailing list there is also the 
problem that one might just subscribe to make the bug report, 
unsubscribe and then miss all the discussion about the bug.

And about that creating new user account not being hard. That is 
completely true. One would have to be real _lazy_ not to do that. What I 
was driving at was that it adds one more username and password to 
remember. It's ok if I manage to get a pair I already use somewhere else 
but otherwise... These one bug user accounts also unnecessarily fill in 
the username namespace so that somebody who would actually need the 
account can't get username he/she wants.

But if you think such system or anything similar would be more of a pain 
that help you're propably right. I don't have any experience managing 
bug reports and user feedback. This was just something I was thinking on 
my freetime totally unrelated to XFce and just opened my mouth when bug 
management systems were discussed on the mailing list. I'll close it now 
and get back to work.

Congratulations on getting that bugzilla up and running.


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